Reflections from the Chairman

Co-Founder, Joe Sive

The establishment of the African Millennium Foundation (AMF) came as a direct response to the overwhelming need to shake off the confines of conformity and to affect a lasting and positive change in the lives of those whom the world has seemingly forgotten. Rather than letting the cries of the forgotten continent to which all of humanity is indebted to go unheard, we envisioned an organization that would negate its demise in hopes of breathing life back into this once, very life-giving land that we call Africa.

Empowering, enabling, and equipping the survivors of this rich and desperate land have subsequently been the staff of our existence. The work that we do in part is ultimately for the purpose of revolutionizing the totality of the African continent, the elevation of Africa’s thinking serving as our precedence in bringing our vision to fruition.

Africa’s numerous survivors live in a constant state of necessity and disparity while lying in wait of a lasting redemption. The African Millennium Foundation, therefore, has a clear void to fill if hope is to be found. We seek to champion the cries of the African continent alongside those of like vision, with the assurance that together our efforts are not in vain.

On behalf of the African Millennium Foundation I would like to personally thank you for allowing us to expose you to the truth about the state of this desperate continent. Rather than choosing to ignore a plight that many have long forgotten, on a fundamental level, you have given Africa the opportunity to offer up its voice and be heard.

To those who may have been in search of an opportunity to be used as vessels of transformation, I extend to you a warm welcome. Becoming an investor in the desolate lives of Africa’s neglected is more than a benevolent notion. It is a partnership with them and on their behalf, and a promise for a more prosperous future. You, too, are now helping to make it happen.


Joe Sive