Alex Sanchez

After graduating from Emerson College's Film program in 2010, Alex Sanchez started to get involved with AMF while working as a music video producer in Los Angeles. In May 2011 he volunteered to direct and produce a documentary about "Girls helping Girls" project and how Leah More was able to empower orphan girls to create a future through the art of jewelry making.

"AMF gave me the opportunity to fly out to Mozambique to document and help Leah More in her effort to support 22 orphan girls. We flew out there with all these jewelry tool kits and handed them to the most eager-to-learn and wonderful children I have ever met. Our days consisted of jewelry workshops and playing songs with the kids at the end of the day. I also had the opportunity to witness and document the efforts of AMF in the area in their solar oven project. My experience in Mozambique was amazing and the memory of being able to share a smile with those kids and sing a few songs with them will always remain with me. As a filmmaker, I feel honored to support AMF and share those wonderful experiences through the art of documentary filmmaking in order to bring more light and hope to the areas in the world that most need it".

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