Cheryl Bianchi

Cheryl has been working with AMF Founders, Malena Ruth and Joe Sive, for almost 10 years. Bringing her experience with theatre production and special events she has been involved with almost every fundraiser AMF has hosted. The Secret Hollywood Garden Tour, Wangari Maathai visit, the Int'l Economic Summit at USC w/ Muhammed Yunis, the Poverty NOT Pop UP Shop, Children Raising Children and a host of art and artisan exhibits. She was instrumental, through utilizing her network of friends and associates, in getting one ton of school and art supplies to Marie Tombe's school in DR Congo and facilitated the relationship with the Archer School for Girls that resulted in students, faculty and board members visiting and donating to Reencontro.

Cheryl remains dedicated to the mission of AMF, especially A Nossa Casa. Cheryl looks forward to the day she gets to visit some of the AMF projects."

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