Jessica Jeffery

Jessica Jeffery, a UCLA MBA and Med School graduate student volunteered at Reencontro this past Spring. She is now working to raise $6,500 to build a house for children orphaned by AIDS. To help Jessica reach her goal, click here.

"Reencontro is an amazing organization comprised of compassionate and committed staff and community women who come together to care for neighborhood children affected by HIV/AIDS. This community-based approach involves all community members and serves to address the needs of neglected children."

"I am extremely impressed how staff and foster parents supported by Reencontro touch the lives of so many Mozambique children affected by HIV/AIDS. They are truly grateful for the assistance they receive from Reencontro. One young woman, whose family received a house, couldn’t stop crying tears of joy as she relayed to me all the wonderful things they had done for her family. I was so touched, I cried with her!"

"Reencontro is a truly amazing organization that changes the lives of those children most in need."

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