Julia Lipton

Julia traveled to Mozambique through USC Marshall School of Business Student’s trip. The trip resulted in a remarkable collaborative global effort, USC FOR MOZAMBIQUE

“This past summer, Julia along with a group of WRIT 340 students went to Mozambique to learn about the country’s current conditions, but there was a twist. These students were put into teams with students from Mozambique’s Lurio University and other students from USC who did not travel to Africa. Upon their return to USC, the traveling students met with the rest of their USC team to create a collaborative project to benefit the people they met on their visit.

USC FOR MOZAMBIQUE created a website, power point, and brochure to benefit Lurio University, helping to further global education. The project reveals the importance of experiential learning, and the importance of understanding different cultures when working in a globalized workforce. Experiential learning required the students to write more business documents than a typical WRIT 340 class. However, these documents have real life implications and will impact the people of Mozambique. At the completion of the project, the students were left feeling fulfilled and with greatly improved business writing skills.”

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