Ludmila Couture

My passion is helping children live a comfortable and happy life.

Growing up in communist Russia, I understand that even the most basic needs offood, health and shelter can be a great struggle for the impoverished. Myfamily's immigration to Israel and eventually to America has made my childhoodhobby of sewing clothes a successful business catering to the fashion needs ofHollywood stars and Los Angeles and New York boutiques. With the success of mybusiness Ludmila Couture I'mable to help families in my homeland of Moldova, and I'm delighted to extenda helping hand to the children of Africa. With my continued partnership withAMF through private and business events, we can balance our great well-beingwith those in need.

I love children and truly believe that they don't deserve to fight for food,clothes and home. Anything we can do for them will be the greatest gift to those kids.

Ludmila Couture's 10th Anniversary- AMF Fundraiser" Ludmila Couturecelebrated their 10th Anniversary with a fundraiser event for AMF. The raffle included beautiful jewelry from artisans in Africa supported through AMFpartner Poverty Not.All proceeds benefited the efforts of the African Millennium Foundation

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