Polly Osborne

US based architect, Polly Osborne, is partnering with AMF for the construction of A Nossa Casa in Mozambique. In collaboration with local NGO Reencontro, which currently gives community-based support to over 7,000 children orphaned by AIDS in Mozambique, AMF will be building a sustainable village to provide adequate concentrated help to children most in need. Together Polly traveled to Mozambique with husband, Tim Curnen, to do the first on-site evaluations this past spring.

Polly started Osborne and Associates in 1987 and her work has been published in Sunset Magazine, House & Home, Designing with Spirituality, West Coast Rooms, Outdoor Rooms, and the LA Times Magazine. Polly believes that since an architect’s job is to change the environment, she has a particular responsibility to respect it. Osborne Architects focus on site-specific architecture that seeks to minimize environmental impact and bring clients health, comfort, beauty, and harmony.

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