Rebecca Creskoff

My dear friend Katie O'Connell took a trip to Africa one year this December. After listening to her stories, reading her deeply moving blog and seeing her pictures, I was compelled to get involved. Katie told me all I had to do was listen to Malena Ruth talk about the project and I'd be hooked. I didn't quite believe her but ten minutes into our first conversation I was booking my trip to Africa. I've had the privilege to intimately get to know all the people who are working to make A Nossa Casa a reality. It's truly inspirational. They encourage all of us to go to the places and actually meet the people there and see the affects of the safe haven AMF is trying to provide for those left behind by the AIDS virus. I look forward to finally traveling to Mozambique this summer to meet a woman I sponsored named Lidia Matusse for the Apron Project along with the project's architect Polly Osborne. Malena and Lacey and the whole AMF team are working to literally make the world a better place. One child and one community at a time.

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