Tal and Terence

This holiday season, Tal and Terence (or “T&T” as so many of their friends and family call them) are headed to Maputo, Mozambique with the lofty goal of bringing 15 Solar Ovens to the community there.

To do this, T&T have teamed up with AMF and The Apron Project for a charity event to raise money for the purchase of the Solar Ovens. They will use all proceeds from the event to help purchase and ship ovens to Mozambique where they will hand deliver them to the women of Maputo, many of whom are helping to raise some of Mozambique’s 1.5 million children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. T&T will also present the women with microloans to help kick start entrepreneurial endeavors utilizing these unique ovens.

T&T fell in love with the people of East Africa during their honeymoon to Tanzania and Zanzibar in June 2010. As habitual travellers, they couldn’t wait to get back to Africa. And as lovers of food and firm believers in the importance of small business to developing nations, they were immediately drawn to the Apron Project. Their work with AMF is a welcome distraction from their day jobs. Both T&T work in the television industry — Tal in Sony Television’s comedy department, and Terence in drama development for Fox.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving this year, T&T hope you will help them give the women of Maputo something to be thankful for. If you would like to buy an oven or contribute in any other way, they would be very grateful.

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