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Join CCH Pounder & African Millennium Foundation
at the Poverty Not Pop-Up Store!

Poverty Not is a unique opportunity to shop for gifts that give back.
In an effort to connect third world artisans with first world markets,
Poverty Not celebrates creative energy as a powerful answer to poverty alleviation.
The social enterprise share profits with communities in developing countries
to stimulate economic development, jump-start sustainable micro-businesses,
and ultimately empower the powerless.


The Poverty Not Pop-Up Store offers
gorgeous on-of-a-kind ceramics, jewelry, clothing and fine photography.
Proceeds from sales at the Poverty Not Pop-Up store
will not only support artisans who produced the goods,
but additionally, 20% of each sale will benefit the Women's Campaign International, and Human Rights Watch.

The event will celebrate the achievements of
the African Millennium Foundation and exhibit art by Francois Cauvin.
Come learn about the incredible progress of AMF while enjoying the work of Haitian artist, Francois Cauvin. The exhibit, curated by actress and AMF board member CCH Pounder, will feature paintings rooted in Vodoo, the African heritage of Haitian culture.

Ardmore Ceramics

Produced in South Africa, these extravagant and charming ceramics are created by local artisans inspired by Zulu legend and the African landscape. Their unique works of art are featured at Christie's and Sotheby's auctions.
Mustardseed and Moonshine

Artists in Cape Town, South Africa meticulously craft delicate ceramic flowers that are usable and lasting. The line was featured on HGTV's Top Ten Jan. 15
Francois Cauvin

Haitian artist, Francois Cauvin, internationally renowned for his unique acrylic paints. His work takes root in Voodoo, which is the African heritage of Haitian culture.

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