Bibiana and Tindi's Journey: How You Can Help

Bibiana and Tindi are sisters from Tanzania who have albinism. At a young age, they lost both parents to AIDS who were especially protective to keep them out of harm's way. When Bibiana was 9 years old, an intruder viciously cut off her right leg and three fingers.

These viscous crimes are committed by the Black Magic Devil Worshipers, a cult whose members have the false belief that body parts of people with albinism bring good luck. Sadly, this is common in Tanzania. Bibiana outgrew her artificial limb she was given after the attack. She had been walking in pain for too long because the prosthetic was not the right fit.

In 2015, African Millennium Foundation sponsored the sisters and brought them to Los Angeles. In partnership with the Orthopedic Institute for Children, UCLA Health, and the Hanger Clinic, Bibiana was given a new, state of the art prosthetic leg.

Since then, the girls have traveled around the United States sharing their story and bringing awareness to the attacks on people with albinism. Bibiana dreams of becoming an orthopedic doctor one day. Tindi wants to become a lawyer. They've been studying in Los Angeles with private tutors to help them get ready for school in the Fall.

They will be attending school in the fall – in a place where they'll receive individualized curriculum. Both girls are intelligent and have a true passion for reading and learning. Your generous contributions will support these brave, young girls and their journey towards reaching their dreams.

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