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Bibiana and Tindi are sisters from Tanzania who have albinism. At a young age, they lost their mother and soon after their father died of AIDS.

The peaceful slumber of two young orphaned albino sisters from Tanzania, abruptly came to a violent end when frenzied, axe-wielding intruders burst into their home and viciously proceeded to hack off the leg and two fingers of Bibiana, the older (approximately age 6) of the two girls, three days after losing their father to AIDS. Tindi, the younger sister, paralyzed with fear, lay hidden under blankets, a silent and profoundly traumatized witness to the terror. It was the girls' aunt, who when jolted awake by agonizing screams, rushed to the girls' room.

Bursting in on the bloody mayhem, she found Bibiana in a state of shock. The assailants had fled taking the limbs they had severed with them. These viscous crimes are committed by the Black Magic Devil Worshipers, a cult whose members have the false belief that body parts of people with albinism bring good luck. Sadly, this is common in Tanzania. In 2015, we sponsored the sisters and brought them to Los Angeles. What has transpired subsequently in the lives of Bibiana and Tindi, is a testament to courage, perseverance and the best of the human spirit. Now, safely in the United States, they have received critically needed medical care as well as asylum. With YOUR support, Tindi and Bibiana will be able to receive the specialized education that they both need and crave.

The scarring effects caused by the profound traumas that they have experienced in their young lives coupled with the significant special needs associated with their albinism, requires highly individualized attention to these issues that can be best provided in a small, nurturing educational environment. The educational specialists who have worked with the girls, academically as well as psychologically, agreed that a small boarding school environment would provide them with the ideal atmosphere in which they would thrive.

What these two enormously bright and talented girls have already managed to accomplish in spite of their visual impairment, (again, characteristic albinism and rising to the level of legal blindness), is just the beginning of tapping into all that they can achieve. Critical to Tindi and Bibiana’s continued, most remarkable development, is the opportunity to participate in an educational program that will provide them the tools necessary to help them reach their potential.

Today, the girls are enrolled in a private boarding school that provides specialized settings in which students’ educational, social and developmental needs are individually addressed and where the risk of social trauma from bullying and/or stigmatization is minimized. Your generous contributions will support these brave, young girls and their journey towards reaching their dreams.

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