Your Vision & Voices

“History will be our judge, but what’s written is up to us. Who we are, who we’ve been, what we want to be remembered for. We can’t say our generation didn’t know how to do it. We can’t say our generation couldn’t afford to do it. And we can’t say our generation didn’t have reason to do it. It’s up to us.” – Bono

Join the African Millennium Foundation in our effort to empower the powerless in Africa. We believe in every individual’s potential to make a difference and want to hear your vision and voices in the fight against poverty in Africa. Here are a few ways you can use your time, talent, and money to make an impact at your school:

Establish an AMF pen-pal program
•Students gain a unique educational and cultural opportunity through correspondence with students in Africa
•Encourage students to develop global understanding and their roles as ambassadors of peace

Develop school programs
•Develop an AMF club where students can create a forum to discuss how they can reach out to their peers and the community to spread awareness
•Create a social network where students learn how to act out their roles as global citizens

Hold school fundraising drives
•Raise money to support specific AMF projects
•Collect books and other school supplies to help improve the quality of education for students in Africa

Student service trip to Africa
•Experience first hand the crisis in Africa through cultural immersion
•Support sustainable socio-economic development through community service with our partner NGOs

Hold a trunk show at your home or school
•Visit to see the products available for sale created by artisans in Africa that support AMF projects.

Take a look at how others are using their vision and voices to make a change.

AMF Ambassadors

(* by alphbetical order)

Neal Baer

Divinity Barkley
USC Marshall Alumni

Ashley Becker
USC Alumni

Brig Becker
Beckers Bakery & Deli

Cheryl Bianchi

Yrneh Gabon Brown

Terence Carter
& Tal Rabinowitz

Ludmila Couture
Fashion Designer

Rebecca Creskoff

Erin Christovale

Tim Curnen

Marcello Dolce
USC ART Student

Cornelia Funke

Kathleen Gerber

Ericka Ayanna Griffin

Manisha Javeri
CSULA Professor

Jessica Jeffrey
UCLA Med student

Danielle Lee
USC student

Mark Leibowitz

Julia Lipton
USC Marshall Student

Abraham Matovu

Nicole McMullen

Julie Milligan

Leah More
Jewelry Designer

Katie O'Connell
NBC Vice President

Polly Osborne

Dallim Park
Creative Director

Crystal Paulitzki

Marissa Phillips

Teri Polo

CCH Pounder

Alison Runnion
Behavioral Health Nurse

Alex Sanchez

Joe Sive
AIF Chairman

Gerrie Smith

Peter Stranger

Lacey Uhlemeyer
We Rise Founder

Kayla Wolonsky
USC Marshall Student

Savannah Wood
USC Alumni

Kennedy Zimet

Organization & Communities

(* by alphbetical order)

Livity Outernational

Project Africa

Undergraduate Students