African Millennium Foundation History

Co-Founder, Malena Ruth*

The African Millennium Foundation was created in response to the constant bypass of women’s grassroots organizations, especially in Africa, in international development programs due to traditional approaches to change and lack of voice. New women’s microcredit grassroots organizations are emerging at a very rapid pace all over the world, but in Africa women represent 80% of the poorest and continue to be left out of the centers of power.

AMF works to increase the ability of women to participate effectively in their societies and help them and their families move out of abject poverty. AMF seeks to target poverty, hunger, and disease at its very root by providing African women and children with the necessary tools for achieving self-sufficiency.

Through grants to grassroots organizations, volunteer services, advocacy and education, AMF fosters civil society and sustainable development through implementation of microcredit programs and others that fuel community development, thus helping people help themselves.

Co-Founder, Joe Sive

Today, AMF works in partnership with 17 women’s grassroots organizations in 12 countries reaching over 360,000 people.

* Founder Malena Ruth, a compassionate and creative visionary born and raised in Mozambique, she has spent her life developing projects with the goal of inspiring and empowering women in all parts of the world.


Reflections From the Chairman

“Microcredit gives you a glimpse of another Africa, an Africa of hope, progress and success – of people overcoming their struggles in the face of abject poverty. This Africa is shown by the faces of opportunity. With your support AMF is making it happen.”

- Joe Sive, Chairman, and Co-founder African Millennium Foundation