Cow Girls – Gatunyu, Kenya

By helping to supply cows and bulls to widows, AMF hopes to create greater economic opportunities as well as provide locally produced dairy products for families, neighbors and local villages.
Evaluation Report 2009

Chariky Wanjiku
Chariky’s story exhibits the successes of the program. The cow offered to Chariky offered her family of 6, their only stable form of income. As a widow, she was left to provide for the family with small wages from casual labor. The cow provides an income of $1.05 a day from milk sales in the market. She has begun to use the cow manure to enrich her land to grow more vegetables in the future.

Tabitwa Mwiwaki Nganga
• Tabitwa was given a cow through the program in 2006, providing her family of 7 an income of $1 a day. This income has allowed her children to attend secondary school. Along with relevant records kept on the cow’s health, Tabitwa presented AMF a note saying,

“I have taken this opportunity to appreciate this gift because it has helped me face hard circumstances.”

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