Kathleen Gerber

I have always appreciated photography and began my own journey years ago with the first camera I received when I graduated high school. So I have spent several years exploring and refining my eye for seeing, respecting, and capturing the beauty around me. In fact my journey with photography has exposed me to some amazing moments – that frankly are not sufficiently captured with the lens – but they are powerful memories that stay with me just the same. This collection of photos is a series of images taken from a journey to eastern Africa I shared with my mom and sister.

Several of these photos have been recognized in such prominent photo venues as National Geographic, Smithsonian and World Wildlife Federation photo contests. In addition a few of these images have been featured in international exhibitions spanning the globe from Saint Petersburg Russia to Buenos Aires, Argentina. My words cannot adequately describe this amazing trip – hence I tend to let the images speak for themselves. As much as I love travel and taking pictures I also find inspiration in other photographers work.

Africa is an amazing continent on multiple levels – visually, culturally, etc. and I found myself drawn to expand my experiences there. Serendipity introduced me to an organization known as the African Millennium Foundation (AMF) whose motto is “Empowering the Powerless.” The story that proved to inspire me the most was the movie entitled “Home is Where You Find It” in which 16 year old Alcides Soares’s shares his journey as an AIDs orphan in Mozambique though his powerful self-made movie. I soon found that my training as a geologist and decades of experience working in the environmental field drilling thousands of wells was a perfect opportunity to volunteer and provide a service. I have spent hours and hours over the past year researching hydrologic conditions in Mozambique in order to drill a water well for the ambitious project taken on by AMF in partnership with local NGO Reencontro to build a sustainable village in support of children orphaned by AIDS. This project is known as “A Nossa Casa” or “A Home for Us.” This project is a holistic approach that goes well beyond providing housing for the children. It is designed to expand and enrich the children’s lives with education, health care, food and nutrition, and vocational training. All proceeds from this show will go towards installation of the water supply well for this village. I truly appreciate your interest and support.

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